Wallop Brook, river Test tributary


A beautiful river Test main tributary.

Over 2 miles of stream to explore for one or two rods.  Wild trout, all catch and release.  Wading required. The Wallop is tributary stream to the River Test and is full of fin perfect wild trout.  Ideal for the more experienced fly fisher who wants to target wild browns in their natural environment. Great olive hatches most days.  These trout are always looking up but sit deep and strike the dry fly very quickly.  Be prepared to miss a few!  The stream meanders through the beautiful Wallop valley and joins the River Test just upstream from Bossington Manor House.

The upstream reach below the village of Broughton is surrounded by traditional ridge and furrow water meadows.  Some of this stream flows through riparian woodland too.

This beat fishes very well in early season.

The season starts in April and runs through to August if water levels allow.

Please ask for further details.