The Blue Pool Beat, river Dun (Test tributary)

Our secluded beat on the River Dun (river Test tributary), known as The Blue Pool Beat.  The beat is just over 1 km in length and immediately upstream of Holbury Mill.  A secluded nature spot where the river flows through old woodland.  You will see deer, kingfisher, orchids and other wildlife.  At the top of the beat is the phenomena of the Blue Pool – a spring directly out of the chalk aquifer giving the water a blue appearance. According to local folk-law the pool is bottomless!  The beat fishes one or two rods. There is a comfortable fishing hut and picnic furniture.  The perfect spot for a fly fishers’ luncheon.

The Wessex Chalkstream and Rivers Trust has managed some excellent fish passage works on the Dun recently.  The two mills now have extensive fish ladders in place allowing free migration of fish.  We hope to see salmon spawning here again before too long.  The beat has a very good wild trout population due to the extensive stream habitat above the beat, providing perfect spawning grounds.  We also have some resident otters (see clip below) and a plethora of other wildlife.  Please ask for details.