Testcombe Beat (new for 2019 season)


Testcombe, (upper middle Test). Available for weekend bookings.  The Testcombe fishing consists of Approximately 900 yards of single bank main river Test and some 1000 yards of carrier streams.  This offers plenty of varied fishing.  The beat surrounds a beautiful private house with an out of bounds area around the immediate cottage and garden.  Fishing is both upstream and downstream of the cottage.  The amazing Grade II listed fishing hut built in 1888 was the inspiration for the book Fishing Huts by author Jo Orchard-Lisle and a wonderful HQ for the day.

Testcombe is immediately upstream of the road bridge above the Mayfly Pub (formally called the Seven Stars as image above), refreshments are only a short walk away!  Testcombe fishing is only available at weekends for 2 to 4 rods, 1stMay to 30thSept.

Please ask for details.