River Meon, Midlington beats


Midlington (river Meon) Our river Meon beat is just downstream of Droxford, Hampshire at Midlington. It is about 1 3/4 miles long (double bank). All wild trout, strictly catch and release – 1 or 2 rod beat. Very popular with wild trout enthusiasts and we keep letting to a maximum of 4 days in any week. In reality it is less – usually two as our season rods fish infrequently. Upstreamdryfly and the Wild Trout Trust have carried out three phases of river restoration works since 2009, part funded by the South Downs National Park.  The resident trout are really enjoying the improvements! Voted one of Britain’s top 5 finest trout streams by Paul Procter in Trout and Salmon Magazine.  Wading required.

Season rod membership sometime available on our river Meon beat.  Please ask for details.