Private Estate Beats 3, upper river Test

Here are 14 generous beats for 1 or 2 rods on the upper Test.  The river here is braided over all 11 miles on the estate, offering a diverse array of fishing from main river to beautiful carrier stream.  Over the entire length of the water, the main river and a carrier run parallel.  The whole area is a superb haven for flora and fauna, which does so much to enhance this beautiful stretch of the River Test.

The estate maintains the water beautifully with 4 full-time water keepers.  Most of the beats have a thatched fishing hut and some have other beautiful features like water wheels and historic eel racks.  The fly fishing on this historic stretch of the river Test is excellent.   Beats for 1 and 2 rods as well as larger parties.  We also have the option of a mixed lake and river day here.  Perfect for a group of mixed ability from novices to experts.  Please ask for details and available dates.