Chilbolton Meads (upper river Test)

Chilbolton Meads – upper river Test.  Immediately upstream of the Freelands beat, this beautiful, strictly private water has not been previously available to let by day rods.  There are two secluded beats, upper and lower.  (They are not consecutive, as separated by the garden of the Manor House between).  However, only a short walk (or drive) apart.  The upper beat is nearly a kilometre in length of main river.  The top section flows along SSSI riparian woodland, as one walks downstream, the river meanders through some interesting deep pools.  The lower beat consists of about ½ a kilometre of main river and ½ a km of carrier stream.  At the bottom of the carrier, another channel joins the beat to make the river bigger here, with nice pools and undercuts.  These beats offer nicely varied fishing, some challenging, but with some easier pools as well as some more testing water.  The beat is stocked, but also has a very good population of wild trout and grayling.  Both beats have a comfortable fishing hut and an outside picnic table.  Fly hatches are very good.  Not available on Mondays. (These beats can be taken in conjunction with Freelands to make a day for 6 to 8 rods).

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