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With over 80 beats on our portfolio there are too many to list, but here are some of our recommendations

Testwood and Nursling Fishery 2018 bookings now open
<b>Testwood and Nursling Fishery 2018 bookings now open</b>
Fly fishing for chalk stream salmon and sea trout

"It's not as far or as far fetched as the Yemen. There really are salmon and sea trout to be caught within an hour's drive of London", says Charles Rangeley-Wilson in his feature in the Diamond Jubilee edition of The Field Magazine (June 2012).

Upstreamdryfly has the exclusive letting for the famous Testwood and Nursling fishery on the river Test. The most prolific salmon and sea trout fishery in the UK.

An excellent 2016 season: 285 salmon and 440 sea trout
Record breaking 2015 season: 397 salmon and 617 sea trout!!!
2014 season: 176 salmon and 384 sea trout.
2013 season: 264 salmon and 543 sea trout!

Please contact us for details of salmon, sea trout and trout fishing on this famous private estate water just 1 hour from London! Both season and day rods available.

Testwood and Nursling Fishery

Nursling Mill trout beat (lower river Test). Just downstream of the Broadlands Estate water. The Nursling trout beats offers main river, double bank fishing from the Broadlands boundary downstream to Nursling Mill. This beat often produces very large trout that run downstream toward the estuary as well as the occasional salmon and sea trout too. The beat facilities include a fishing hut with tea and coffee facilities, BBQ and private car park.

Nursling 'Little River' salmon and sea trout beat (lower Test)
This famous salmon and sea trout beat offers miles of both tidal and non-tidal water to explore. It is usually fished using the salmon 'nymph' method perfected on the Barker-Mill Estate beats of Nursling and Testwood. This is one of Howard's favourite beats.

Testwood beat and Testwood Pool salmon and sea trout beat (lower Test).
This is a world famous fishery for which we have the sole letting. For many years Testwood was a private and exclusive fishing club and the Pool has been fished by the Royal family and many dignitaries. Sight fishing the clear water for a chalk stream Atlantic salmon is the ultimate piscatorial challenge. 3 rods minimum booking.

Testwood Pool night time sea trout fishing (lower Test).
Probably the best sea trout fishing in the south of England. Sea trout fight like Trojans and frequently reach double figures here. 3 rod minimum booking.

See our Journal pages for more details too.

NEW FOR 2018 Fly fishing beats on rivers Avon, Nadder, Itchen, Test and Kennet
<font color=green><b>NEW FOR 2018</b></font>  Fly fishing beats on rivers Avon, Nadder, Itchen, Test and Kennet
New water at Hurdcott Manor on the Nadder

For 2018, we are proud to offer the highest quality fly fishing on some 80+ beats on over 20 named rivers, for trout, salmon, sea trout, and grayling....all within 90 minutes from London.

Please contact Howard for details.
Mb 07748 832968

Hampshire Chalk Streams
• River Test
• The Bourne Rivulet
• River Dever
• River Anton
• Wallop Brook
• River Dun
• Little River Test (salmon and sea trout)
• Testwood Pool (salmon and sea trout)

• River Meon

• River Itchen
• River Alre
• Candover Brook
• Cheriton Brook
• Elm Stream

Wiltshire Chalk Streams
• River Avon
• River Nadder
• River Wylye

Berkshire Chalk Streams
• River Kennet
• River Lambourn

Dorset Chalk Streams
• River Frome
• River Piddle

The River Dun, Blue Pool Beat
<b>The River Dun, Blue Pool Beat  </b>
Fly fishing river Dun

The River Dun, Blue Pool Beat
(a tributary of the river Test), known as The Blue Pool Beat. The beat is just over 1 km. Another secluded nature spot where the river flows through old woodland. At the top of the beat is the Blue Pool - a spring directly out of the chalk aquifer giving the water a blue appearance. Lots of wild brown trout as well as stocked brownies.

The Tanyard Beat (Middle / lower Test).
<b>The Tanyard Beat (Middle / lower Test).</b>
Fly Fishing on the river Test

The Tanyard Beat (Middle / lower Test). The main river Test just below Romsey with a backdrop of Broadlands Manor House. This all wading beat offers fishing for up to four rods.’ and is approximately a third of a mile of double bank fishing providing excellent sport after brown trout and grayling. The beat was featured on BBC1 Countryfile and enjoys wonderful mayfly hatches.

FURTHER RESTORATION in 2015 and stock fencing in 2015 of our River Meon beat voted in Britain's top 5 finest trout streams by Paul Procter.
<b>FURTHER RESTORATION in 2015 and stock fencing in 2015 of our River Meon beat voted in Britain's top 5 finest trout streams by Paul Procter.</b>
The 2013 autumn restoration works undertaken on our river Meon beat.

The river Meon
near Droxford (Midlington), Hampshire. Voted as one of Britain's top 5 finest trout streams in Trout and Salmon Magazine [May 2012].
We are proud to offer a beat of nearly 2 miles of pristine double bank fly fishing on the River Meon. Very similar to the upper river Itchen with a good gradient but at a fraction of the price. Following our 3rd phase of extensive restoration works this winter, with the help of the Wild Trout Trust and thanks to the South Downs National Park for extra funding, the beat is in excellent condition and wild trout stocks are very healthy.

Please enquire for details and availability these and our other chalk stream fly fishing beats.

Hurdcott Estate - River Nadder (Avon tributary).
<b>Hurdcott Estate - River Nadder (Avon tributary).</b>
Fly Fishing at Hurdcott Manor on the river Nadder

Hurdcott Estate - River Nadder (Avon tributary).
This is simply the perfect venue to fish and to entertain in wonderful surroundings.The Hurdcott Estate on the River Nadder is one of the best chalk stream destinations to entertain a group of clients or guests for up to six rods. It is exactly what you might imagine the quintessential chalk stream to be like. It has a very intimate feel about it and produces hard fighting brown trout and grayling that will willingly sample a well presented dry fly.
The river flows peacefully through the water meadows, situated in the middle of the estate. The fishing hut is second to none with a tree lined avenue down the drive that leads directly to the hut.
The management of the estate and water meadows lends itself wonderfully to fly life and that is evident on the river. The Nadder produces wonderful Mayfly hatches as well as the most amazing olive and sedge hatches later in the season.
Hurdcott will take up to eight rods price pro rata as well as four & five rod days available on request. Smaller groups can be accommodated with a 4 rod minimum booking.

Our beautiful beats on the river Test and Dever and the confluence of the two for 2018
<b>Our beautiful beats on the river Test and Dever and the confluence of the two for 2018</b>
The river Dever fly fishing

Rivers Test and Dever. Of the 80 or so fly fishing beats on the Upstreamdryfly portfolio, the lower reaches of the beautiful river Dever just before she meets the river Test are way at the top of my list. The six very generous two rod beats on this private estate water are not let commercially. They are fished lightly and managed carefully. The owners have asked us not to name the estate on the website, but if you would like to discuss in more detail directly please get in touch.
Thursdays are available for river Test and Dever fly fishing days for six or eight rods as group or corporate days with lunch in the estate riverside 'Fish Gardens' by the thatched fishing huts.
Single beats for two rods are available most days and weekend availability is very good.

River Test, The Bossington water
<b>River Test, The Bossington water</b>
Bossington's famous river Test fly fishing beats

Bossington (middle Test). Part of British aviation history, Bossington is in ownership of the Fairey family, makers of the Fairey Swordfish aeroplane. This famous private estate fishing is immediately below the hallowed Houghton Club water and offers a super mix of main river Test and carriers. Excellent facilities and full time keepers. The House Beat has the beautiful back drop of the Manor House and lawns.

Bossington, the Wallop Brook (Test tributary). A beautiful river Test tributary. Wild trout and stocked brown trout. Wading required. 1st April to end July.

Bossington private estate trout lake. The Horsebridge Lake. This private trout lake is set in the river Hampshire countryside a short cast from the river Test. (4 to 6 rods max) Stocked with rainbow trout and arctic char. Perfect for the novice, an introduction to fly fishing with an instructor, or a family day. Use of lakeside fishing lodge and facilities included.

The Craven Fishery of the upper river Kennet
<b>The Craven Fishery of the upper river Kennet</b>
River Kennet fly fishing days

The Craven Fishery of the upper river Kennet
We are very proud to have the letting on this very beautiful privately owned water for 2015. Quintessentially English chalk stream fishing though gardens, water meadows and riparian woodlands. The historic fishing lodge is a great HQ for the day and its walls are lined with memorabilia from fishing days past and present. The Fishery offers vary varied fishing from main river to small carrier streams as well as a casting pond for the novice.

Littlecote Fishery, Eastridge Estate (upper Kennet).
<b>Littlecote Fishery, Eastridge Estate (upper Kennet).</b>
River Kennet fly fishing days

Littlecote Fishery, Eastridge Estate (upper Kennet). The Eastridge Estate’s stretch of the River Kennet, on the Berkshire / Wiltshire border (just outside Hungerford) was the well deserved winner of the Wild Trout Trust's 2014 Conservation Award. This is classic chalk stream fishing, with fast flowing clear water, wonderful gravel beds, good Ranunculus growth and excellent fly life. Group / corporate days for 4 to 6 rods available.

The River Avon, Wilsford Manor Estate
<b>The River Avon, Wilsford Manor Estate </b>
Wilsford Manor, Upper Avon

The River Avon, Wilsford Manor Estate
This fishery comprises of approximately 1 mile of double bank fishing on the upper River Avon, as well as an interesting side stream. Mayfly here from mid May lasting often well into July! The river is wide for this part of the upper Avon and is wonderfully kept, with a lots of brown trout, from small wild fish to monsters in double figures. an exceptionally well equipped fishing lodge with satellite TV, a fully stocked refrigerator, tea and coffee and all mod cons.

The River Itchen, East Lodge Estate
<b>The River Itchen, East Lodge Estate </b>
Fly Fishing days on the river Itchen

The River Itchen, East Lodge Estate
East Lodge is purely and simply an anglers' paradise that is steeped in fly fishing history dating back to the 17th Century. Fishing traditional upstream dry fly, the wily brown trout offer excellent sport. The serene River Itchen is designated with the highest wildlife conservation designations. A Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). She runs for over one and a half miles as the beautiful East Lodge Estate water near Winchester, providing top quality fly fishing throughout the season. Flowing through the untouched water meadows that make up this stunning fishery. The water here is varied and suits both novice and expert. Consisting of both main river and a fast flowing side stream bisecting the water meadows called Rosemary's Leat.

The river is stocked with brown trout only and also supports a very large population of wild trout and grayling which is testament to the habitat management of this wonderful fishery and work of full time river keeper, Rob Rees.

East Lodge is available for parties of up to ten rods and can also be booked for individual days later in the season. There is a very well appointed fishing lodge and rod room on the bank which is the perfect place for lunch.

Longparish House (upper river Test) Managed by Upstream Dry Fly.
<b>Longparish House (upper river Test)  Managed by Upstream Dry Fly.</b>
Fly Fishing days at Longparish Estate river Test

Longparish House (upper river Test).
The ultimate chalkstream experience. Three-quarters miles of gin-clear, fast, shallow water with some pools, and wading over weeded gravel runs. Mainly double bank. The perfect dry-fly beat. This is an idyllic location on a totally private estate with both wild and stocked brown trout to pursue. Formally the home of famous sportsman Lt Col Peter Hawker, who in the 19th century fished from horseback. (Option to include exclusive use of The Chapel for dining, catering can be arranged at corporate package rates) and two hexagonal thatched fishing huts.